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I am a strong believer that we all came to this world to make a difference. Motherhood is an amazing gift and it should be celebrated every day. With this book Penelope shows you the way of doing just that! Nik Halik, The Thrillionaire, World’s #1, 7 Day Weekend Lifestyle Strategist
Women today are called to be perfect in everything: have a successful career, be great wives, role model mothers, be financially independent and look fabulous while doing all that. Once in a while you meet one of those women who seem to have it all going for them and you wonder how they do it! Penelope is one of them and in her book Women, Motherhood and Independence; she will show you how you too can have it all without compromising your dreams Pavlina Papalouka, Entrepreneur – Helping People Achieve Their Full Potential
All too often we hear that as women we cannot have everything. How can you be the mother you want to be alongside the successful career you have always dreamt of without compromising on financial freedom? Women, Motherhood and Independence teach you how. It is a practical, grounded and honest guide and one that will undoubtedly make a huge difference to the way you live your life from now on – helping you strike the balance you want and achieve the goals you have set. Dr. Tania Anastasiades - GP UK
What an amazing and up to the point book! All women, either mothers or not, should read this book and adopt the practices that Penelope suggests Niki Leoni - Mother, Cyprus
I highly recommend Women, Motherhood and Independence! By reading and following the practices described, you will be able to become more confident, limit your stress, become more productive and achieve more with less time. Daniella Morris - Mother USA
As mothers we all had to face and conquer the challenges of motherhood while struggling to continue with our lives and our businesses as nothing has changed. With this book Penelope shows us how to enjoy motherhood without having to compromise on our dreams and goals. Women, Motherhood and Independence is a must book if you want to succeed Roberta May - Mother, UK

The Ultimate Juggler’s Task List

For Mums who have too much to do, a Complimentary Gift to help you plan and priortize your daily tasks.

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